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Need professional logo design or want to build a brand for your products and services? At SmartArt we have designed hundreds of professional logos and created dozens of branding packages for small companies and large corporations alike. We provide award winning design on all marketing material. Since 1999 SmartArt has won numerous awards for photography, design, copy writing and packaging. Through the years, one of our clients has been given the ability to showcase its fine craftsmanship in construction through printed and online materials that have won an amazing and unprecedented twelve Golden Hammer Awards, four Golden Circle awards and many other accolades with stunning marketing materials written, designed, and printed through SmartArt. Castro Roofing owner and CEO, Rodolfo Rodriguez stated, “The creativity, meticulous attention to detail and professionalism that SmartArt displays is the best in the industry. Their marketing, creative writing and graphic design services has definitely helped us win the numerous awards we have received.”

SmartArt Branding will conceptualize and create informative, interactive, e-commerce websites for your company or group. From a quick four-page information site to a full-blown e-commerce store. We can create whatever your imagination desires. Dallas Floor Master’s President, Javier Arellano comments, “The pros at SmartArt completely overwhelmed us with the quality of service they provided. They completely changed our branding and made us look 100 times better with a beautiful, well-designed website, videos and other marketing collateral.”


From conception to completion, we can take your retail packaging to the next level. We have worked with retail giants like Wal-Mart®, Costco®, Bass Pro®, Remington®, Lowes®, Home Depot® and many others to provide everything from grills, dog products, shampoo to plumbing supplies. Whether you are designing bottled dispensers, to large container packaging, we have the expertise to get the job done.


Personalize your office, and your professional image with business stationery. We work with you on designing business cards, envelopes, and stationary to give your company the right look and outside perception from your clients, and potential clients.


There are so many different platforms and methods to get video content viewed by your market. That is why SmartArt Branding offers an array of audio/visual services to help you reach potential clients. Engaging, creative and effective video content is extremely important and well-thought of, and creative motion graphics helps bring content to life. Our animators can also help with character creation and development. At SmartArt we are always finding imaginative ways to capture you target audience’s attention.

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